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Journey with me!

Walking alongside Jesus-followers from Jewish, Christian and Muslim backgrounds in the Holy Land has been a life-changing and faith-enriching experience for me. In this blog, I would like to share some of these encounters with you.

Much has already been written about the faith journey of these believers of evangelical faith and is readily available through social media and popular books. During my years of theological study, however, I noticed that there is a massive gap between the content provided through these channels of communication and what is published in the academic world. This blog is an attempt to bridge this divide and make research more available to the outside world. My posts, however, will not merely provide a summary or review of the books I am reading but aim to relate the content and findings of these publications to my experience of walking alongside those who follow Jesus in the Holy Land. 

I hope that writing this blog will encourage me to continue with my research and will be an encouragement to you as you learn more about the personal and collective experience of these Jesus-followers from Jewish, Christian and Muslims backgrounds.              

Recent Blog Posts

Here you can read my latest thoughts, reflections and reviews on what is written by, about or related to Jesus-followers in the Holy Land.